The Best Way I Know How

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Q: Hey, whatever happened to your stated intention of running the Boston Marathon this April to raise money for the victims of last year’s bombings?

A: Back surgery put an end to those plans. Although I am disappointed that I am unable to participate in the race in the fashion that I envisioned, my intention to form a fundraising team to benefit the victims had nothing to do with putting myself in the spotlight and little do with running. Rather, I was just trying to help in the best way that I knew how.

My ability to run might be temporarily on hold, but the spirit of my intentions and my desire to help the victims still holds true. Out of all the important charities that are fielding marathon teams, at least two, The One Fund and Team Collier Strong, directly grew out of last year’s tragedies, so I have thrown my support behind them and the One Run for Boston event.

As time elapses after an event that once gripped us so tightly, new stories and circumstances phase it out from the forefront of our minds. Most of us have the luxury of moving on, while those directly impacted by the event follow a much different trajectory. To the credit of people all around the world, The One Fund successfully raised millions of dollars for the victims in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. However, because their costs are ongoing, so should our support.

In addition to our financial support, Joanne and I look forward to cheering on runners as they finish the Haunted Mile and make their turn onto Beacon Street. Back surgery or not, I can still help in the best way that I know how.