“Joanne approaches her work with compassion and a wealth of knowledge”

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“I have had the privilege of working with Joanne for the last two years at the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center.  Throughout this time I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with her relative to client care, as well as to observe her work with clients aiming to meet various nutritional goals.  It has been my experience that Joanne approaches her work with compassion and a wealth of knowledge.  Despite the often challenging situations that clients face and present to Joanne, she consistently meets their individual needs and has been a great asset in their recovery process.  As a fellow clinician in the field of eating disorder recovery, I have been greatly impressed with Joanne’s ability to educate and guide her clients during such a challenging process while instilling the sense of trust and support that is essential to this work.  I would highly recommend Joanne as both a dietitian and consultant.  Not only have I witnessed her ability to change the lives of individuals struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders, but I have also experienced her ability to assist other clinicians in gaining a better understanding of their clients’ nutritional needs.  She is undoubtedly a true asset to the field.” – Beth Gilroy, Psy.D., Cambridge, MA

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