Day 67: Marathon

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Boston Marathon starting line, Hopkinton

Selfie of my feet at the Boston Marathon starting line, Hopkinton

A little over a month ago, my surgeon gave me permission to slowly ride the recumbent exercise bike and perform basic upper-body resistance movements with light hand-held weights. The doctor’s clearance for new exercises is mandatory, but so is my body giving me positive feedback in response to said activities. Unfortunately, I only had one of the two. After a few times of giving these exercises a try, my back pain seemed to worsen, so I put the bike and weights on hold and returned to exclusively walking.

Because several walks in the range of 12 to 16 miles felt fine and left me feeling like I could have done more, I decided to go a bit farther today. Early this morning, my back brace and I took the first commuter rail train of the day out to Ashland, where I met the taxi that then dropped me off in Hopkinton, right at the starting line of the Boston Marathon. 7:28 later, I walked across the finish line in Copley Square.

Boston Marathon finish line, Copley Square

Boston Marathon finish line, Copley Square (Photo courtesy of a tourist who was nice enough to take my picture after I told her I had just finished walking the entire route)

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