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To keep with our chocolate-themed newsletter, we thought it would be fun to review one of our favorite dessert restaurants, Finale. We had our very first date at the Finale in Coolidge Corner (which sadly is no longer), so the restaurant holds a special place in our hearts. Despite the closing of the Coolidge Corner location, we love going to the Back Bay Finale to celebrate special occasions or when we are in the mood for a fancy dessert.

One might assume that Finale only serves dessert, but one would be incorrect about this assumption! In addition to its myriad sweets, Finale has a rather impressive, although abbreviated, “Savory Menu” as well. All savory items are less than $16, which is a pretty good deal any way you slice it. Joanne has been to the Harvard Square location several times for lunch, and she very much enjoys the Greek salad topped with roasted chicken, especially appreciating the unexpected mango and candied olives. Another tasty savory meal is the truffle macaroni and cheese, which is very rich, warm and comforting on a cold winter’s day.

Obviously, desserts are the stars of the show at Finale, and ranging from $9-12, they are a good deal, given the quality of the ingredients and the beautiful presentation on the plate. On our first date, Jonah got the crème brulee, which had a perfect crispy crust on top of a creamy sweet custard and was garnished with fresh fruit. Joanne got the Manjari Mousse, which is a “bittersweet Valrhona Manjari chocolate mousse layered with chocolate buttermilk cake.” While the cake and mousse on their own are divine, make sure to ask your server for extra crème anglaise and French apricot puree, as those two sauces put this dessert over the top!

The last few times we have gone to Finale, we opted for the dessert sampler under the “Shareable Desserts” section of the menu, which allows you to try up to nine miniature-sized versions of Finale’s signature desserts. These little bites let you experience everything without bursting your wallet (or your stomach!). While the shareable desserts are a bit pricier at $17-27, they can be a more economical way to enjoy your sweets with a group of friends.

If you are hankering for a sweet way to end the evening, you should definitely make a special trip to Finale. Sweet dreams!

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