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I know that many people might not believe it, but sometimes I need to “sneak” vegetables into my diet.  Being a registered dietitian, I am sure this seems odd!  Sometimes I do find myself craving a big, crispy salad or string beans, but there are also many other times when I am not feeling like vegetables, no matter how healthy I know they are. We all know that veggies have so many wonderful vitamins and minerals and are important for overall health. So, what’s a dietitian to do when veggies do not seem so appealing?

Well, in times like these, I try to squeeze veggies into my meals and snacks as much as I can.  At breakfast, I will add spinach or broccoli to my omelet and have it with salsa.  For a post-workout snack, I have been making a green smoothie using baby spinach or kale, almond milk, yogurt, and banana.  It’s amazing how you cannot taste the spinach at all in the smoothie – it tastes just like a banana shake!  With dinner, I try to mix cooked veggies into at least one part of the meal.  If I am having mac and cheese, for example, I will mix in some frozen peas or broccoli florets.  If pizza is for dinner, I will add peppers and onions for toppings.  And of course, veggie-based soups, like zucchini bisque, are an easy way to increase one’s veggie quotient.

Many of my clients struggle with their vegetable intake, and I completely understand this.  However, it is easier to sneak these nutrient-packed superstars than you may think.  Get creative! 

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