“I never felt deprived”

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“I sought out Jonah’s nutritional expertise for two reasons.  1. I knew he was an incredible runner, and I wanted to be one too.  2. He is known for putting together nutritional meal plans that are specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.  I knew I wanted to be a great runner, I wanted to improve my pace, and I wanted to eat healthier.  I wanted to train for races; therefore, I knew I needed to change my diet to meet my goals.  Jonah was exactly who I needed to help me accomplish this.  He walked me through each step, starting with taking me to the grocery store and showing me what to buy, what nutrients I needed, and what foods would give me the most fuel for not only my runs but throughout my busy day as well.  Jonah also talked with me about the foods that I love (cheeseburgers and anything chocolate) and showed me how to incorporate those tasty treats into my meal plan.  I never felt deprived.  The great thing about working with Jonah is that he is a great motivator and teacher.  With the meal plan he devised for me, I was able to improve my running (I just ran my first half marathon last month.), took 1.5 minutes off my mile pace and I feel great!  He taught me about food, nutrition, and what my body needs to stay happy.  Jonah has helped me tremendously.  I now have a new set of goals for myself, and I know that with Jonah’s help, I can get it done!”  – 31-year-old female, Brighton, MA

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