Peeps Driving Twinkies!

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PeepsWe take no credit for this recipe, as we did not create it, but unfortunately we cannot give credit where it is due because we are unsure from where the recipe originated.

Some holidays involve foods that are less about consumption and more about fun or tradition, like Halloween’s jack o’lantern or Passover’s beitzah. In addition to Easter’s dyed eggs, we now have Peeps driving Twinkie cars. Whether you choose to eat these creations or not, building them can be fun, and they are cute conversation pieces to have on hand at gatherings.


  • Twinkies, 1 per car
  • Peeps, 1 per car
  • pretzel twists, 1 per car
  • marshmallows, 2 per car


  1. In the middle of each Twinkie, cut out a space the width of a Peep’s thickness to a depth of half the Twinkie.
  2. Insert a Peep into the Twinkie’s groove.
  3. Create the steering wheel by positioning a pretzel twist upside down and wedging it in front of the Peep.
  4. Construct the wheels by cutting each marshmallow in half and sticking two halves on each side of the Twinkie.