“Jonah (and Soolman Nutrition) should be at the top of your list”

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“As a practitioner in a field that requires sensitivity, empathy, and caring, Jonah stands out from the rest. He is an extremely effective communicator, and demonstrates a strong knowledge of his work. He listens carefully and thoroughly, and is comfortable to be around, even in challenging conversations. He possesses a seemingly natural ability to truly put people at ease. Jonah seems passionate about what he does, and appears to do what he does for the human factor – it feels as though he authentically enjoys helping people, and it’s incredibly apparent when you speak with him. If you’re looking for a caring dietitian who will hear every last one of your nutrition concerns, needs, and interests, and work with you to accomplish your goals, Jonah (and Soolman Nutrition) should be at the top of your list.” – anonymous, Pepperell, MA

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