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I spent the last four days at the Cardiometabolic Health Congress, where international experts in cardiovascular and metabolic health gathered to discuss the latest developments in our field.  One of the talks that I think will be of most interest to you, our readers, addressed the question: Which diet is the best for losing weight?

The presenter discussed a study that compared the weight loss of subjects put on over 20 different popular diets.  As it turned out, there was no significant difference in weight loss between any of the diets.  The pattern was the same for each: sharp initial weight loss, followed by steady weight regain.

In other words, the study supports what other research has shown too, namely that dieting does not work in the long run.  Furthermore, it does not matter which diet one chooses, as each diet is just as good at ultimately failing as any of the others.

The presenter shared another study that looked not at weight, but at actual markers of health (i.e. cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.) and found that the dietary approach that a person takes absolutely matters in regards to these markers.

So, what is that dietary approach that makes such a difference for health?  An individualized approach.  There is no one eating pattern that will work for everybody; it has to be tailored to the person in question.  The presenter stressed the importance of taking into account the specific person’s preferences, risk factors, current habits, and goals.

In other words, to really make a difference in terms of somebody’s health, he or she does not need another diet, but rather individualized nutrition counseling.  We at Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC already knew that, which is why you see the term “Individualized Nutrition Counseling” on our website, business cards, brochures, and advertisements.  I will say though that it was nice to receive confirmation that the approach we take with our patients is supported by the most current research.

If somebody you know is sick of diets failing and he or she is ready to get healthy, send him or her our way and we will be happy to help.

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