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I was going to continue “The Interior” series with two more entries in which I discuss foods like baking goods, nuts, and supplements.  However, people seem to already get the point that making sweeping generalizations about where to shop is not necessarily a great strategy, and I am wary of beating a dead horse.  If you are just dying to read what I wrote about almonds and cocoa though, send me an email.

I prefer to switch topics completely in order to share a photo I have been meaning to post for quite some time.

91YearOldThis is George Etzweiler, from State College, Pennsylvania, finishing the Mount Washington road race in 2011.  As he approached the finish line, virtually all of the spectators and runners who were still at the summit turned their attention to him and cheered.  Some of us (including me) took his picture.

At the time of this photo, Mr. Etzweiler was 91 years old.

He finished the race again in 2012, at the age of 92, with a faster time than he ran at age 89.

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  1. George Etzweiler was a great mentor to me while I was working for him at a summer job at the Ahrendt Instrument Company in College Park, Maryland in 1952. I completed my EE degree at GWU in 1954. To this day George Etzweiler has been an inspiration to me. What a great example of what we humans are capable of !!!

    attaboy George

    • Thank you for sharing, Paul. I never met George, but I know how inspired I felt watching him finish the race. He could have easily accepted a ride to the summit after hours on the course, or stayed home in Pennsylvania altogether, but he seemed determined to challenge himself and give the race his best. He taught us all a lesson that day. I hope to see him at a future race!

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