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Before the Boston marathon bombings caused me to shift gears, I had intended on writing last week’s blog entry about our recent trip to Costa Rica.  In the very early morning hours of Patriot’s Day, Joanne and I returned from a short vacation there.  As was the case on our honeymoon, we took particular interest in the food.

For better or worse, much of the food at the two resorts where we stayed was Americanized.  In other words, the menus contained several items that were not traditional in Costa Rica, but rather were attempts to provide American tourists with familiar foods: cheeseburgers, pasta, pizza, French fries, etc.

We did, however, learn that rice and beans are prevalent in Costa Rican cuisine and many Costa Ricans start their day with a dish of gallo pinto, a traditional dish made with these two staples.  I had gallo pinto for breakfast a handful of mornings and really enjoyed it.


I find that when the topic of breakfast first comes up in my sessions, patients initially feel like they are limited to the usual options: cold cereals, hot cereals, bagels, eggs, bacon, waffles, muffins, pancakes, yogurt, etc.

What they come to realize though is that breakfast is just like any other meal of the day and we need not limit ourselves to the traditional breakfast options.  In other words, while breakfast options certainly include the typical options I listed above, they also include salads, sandwiches, entrees, or anything you might have at any other time of the day.  Gallo pinto is a perfect example.  Not too many Americans would typically consider rice and beans a breakfast option, yet they fill that role quite well for millions of Costa Ricans.

What might you consider having for breakfast if you expand your options beyond typical breakfast foods?

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