What Jonah and Joanne’s Patients Are Saying

“He is highly ethical and an outstanding listener”

“Jonah is extraordinary.  He is highly ethical and an outstanding listener who develops individual plans based upon your needs and lifestyle.  He takes a holistic approach to guiding you toward healthy eating habits.  He has a greater concern for your physical health and mental well-being than for weight loss, which in turn motivates you to attain your goals. Jonah takes copious notes and utilizes the information to help you progress in future sessions.  He is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable in all facets of nutrition and health.  Jonah has a warm and friendly personality, and it is a pleasure to know and work with him.”  – 66-year-old male and 52-year-old female, Needham, MA

“she was the first person who told me I could do it”

“Joanne has been a tremendous support for me over the years. She literally coached me through my first 5k a couple of years ago.  Running was always something I wanted to do but was afraid that I wouldn’t be ‘good’ at it.  I remember going to Joanne telling her my secret desire was to be a runner and she was the first person who told me I could do it.  Joanne will help you meet your goal no matter what it is. Whether it’s a goal to have a better relationship with food, to better understand healthy eating and how to properly nourish your body, or a desire to take off and run.  She’s knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, and above all wants to help you get to a happier healthier you.  Joanne changed my life and I appreciate her and the work she does.”  – 33-year-old female, Brighton, MA

“He was willing to listen to anything I had to say and take it in without judgment”

“I have seen a few nutritionists, but I have never worked with anyone I felt as comfortable with as Jonah. He was willing to listen to anything I had to say and take it in without judgment. He encouraged me when I felt discouraged and pushed me without being overbearing. I noticed a significant improvement in how I looked and felt while following Jonah’s customized plan for my exercise and dietary goals. I appreciated the way he broke everything down into manageable pieces, explaining why each part was important along the way. He was very flexible when I wanted to substitute different foods, and he went out of his way to look up information for me. I would recommend Jonah to anyone who wants to be healthier and feel better inside and out.” – 26-year-old female, Newton, MA

“she passionately cares about patients”

“Joanne and I have been working together for two years.  I am a psychotherapist working with people with eating disorders.  Joanne has been the dietitian for many of my patients and clients.  It requires strong teamwork among the treatment team members to treat this client population.  Joanne has been an excellent team worker and she passionately cares about patients.  Her background in psychology and her ability to instantly strike rapport with clients make her a valuable asset to whom clients can easily relate.  It is always a pleasure to work together with her, and I know that clients are well taken care of.” – Anna Erdei, LMHC, Cambridge, MA

“I never felt deprived”

“I sought out Jonah’s nutritional expertise for two reasons.  1. I knew he was an incredible runner, and I wanted to be one too.  2. He is known for putting together nutritional meal plans that are specifically tailored to each individual’s needs.  I knew I wanted to be a great runner, I wanted to improve my pace, and I wanted to eat healthier.  I wanted to train for races; therefore, I knew I needed to change my diet to meet my goals.  Jonah was exactly who I needed to help me accomplish this.  He walked me through each step, starting with taking me to the grocery store and showing me what to buy, what nutrients I needed, and what foods would give me the most fuel for not only my runs but throughout my busy day as well.  Jonah also talked with me about the foods that I love (cheeseburgers and anything chocolate) and showed me how to incorporate those tasty treats into my meal plan.  I never felt deprived.  The great thing about working with Jonah is that he is a great motivator and teacher.  With the meal plan he devised for me, I was able to improve my running (I just ran my first half marathon last month.), took 1.5 minutes off my mile pace and I feel great!  He taught me about food, nutrition, and what my body needs to stay happy.  Jonah has helped me tremendously.  I now have a new set of goals for myself, and I know that with Jonah’s help, I can get it done!”  – 31-year-old female, Brighton, MA

“Joanne approaches her work with compassion and a wealth of knowledge”

“I have had the privilege of working with Joanne for the last two years at the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center.  Throughout this time I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with her relative to client care, as well as to observe her work with clients aiming to meet various nutritional goals.  It has been my experience that Joanne approaches her work with compassion and a wealth of knowledge.  Despite the often challenging situations that clients face and present to Joanne, she consistently meets their individual needs and has been a great asset in their recovery process.  As a fellow clinician in the field of eating disorder recovery, I have been greatly impressed with Joanne’s ability to educate and guide her clients during such a challenging process while instilling the sense of trust and support that is essential to this work.  I would highly recommend Joanne as both a dietitian and consultant.  Not only have I witnessed her ability to change the lives of individuals struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders, but I have also experienced her ability to assist other clinicians in gaining a better understanding of their clients’ nutritional needs.  She is undoubtedly a true asset to the field.” – Beth Gilroy, Psy.D., Cambridge, MA

“Joanne . . . is dedicated to helping them [her clients] find a healthy relationship with food”

“Joanne has a way of making her clients feel at ease and comfortable with her at all times.  I can tell that Joanne genuinely cares about her clients’ wellbeing and is dedicated to helping them find a healthy relationship with food.  Joanne uses her education and compassion to provide sound nutrition advice in a supportive manner.  I know that Joanne is committed to helping others find a way to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.” – Registered Dietitian, Cambridge, MA

“Jonah has a way of celebrating your strengths and supporting your weaknesses”

“Jonah has a way of celebrating your strengths and supporting your weaknesses that inspires you to keep moving.  No matter where you are starting from or where you would like to go with your wellness goals, Jonah helps you create a unique program tailored to support your health.  Jonah takes knowledge and education very seriously and combines his extensive training with the most up-to-date research.  Jonah is the type of person who will answer your questions honestly and fully.  If he is unfamiliar with a topic, he will research it and get back to you with an informed and thorough answer.  When I would show up in Jonah’s office, no matter how successful I had felt about my previous week, he would really listen to my story.  Each time, Jonah would point out successes that I did not realize I had and compassionately suggest ways to grow over the course of the next week.”  – 30-year-old female, Edgartown, MA

“He stays with his clients for as long as they need him; he never gives up!”

“Jonah is very knowledgeable in the fields of nutrition and wellness. He really pays attention to his clients and, unlike some nutritionists, is willing to be incredibly flexible to meet their individual needs. His entire goal is to help his clients find a wellness program that not only works, but also fits in with their lifestyle so that they can stay with it long term. He is kind, caring, supportive, and can find something positive in almost any situation. His gentle, cheerful manner makes him a pleasure to work with. It is clear that he is committed to his work both professionally and personally. He is well educated and well informed and is always looking for new ways to deal with health issues. He stays with his clients for as long as they need him; he never gives up!” – 60-year-old female, Lynnfield, MA

“Jonah . . . has the unique ability to create partnerships with his clients that empower them to achieve their goals”

“Jonah is a gifted RD. The other RDs I have worked with seemed to have one mode – that of ‘expert’ – and communicate by telling you what to do. Not only does Jonah have deep expertise, but he also has the unique ability to create partnerships with his clients that empower them to achieve their goals. It has been a privilege to work with Jonah.” – 64-year-old female, Brookline, MA