What Makes Us Different



We work with you and everything that makes you unique, including your priorities, preferences, conditions, and history, to help you achieve your goals by establishing a healthier relationship with food.

You will not find scripted sessions at Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC. We start every consultation with a clean slate in order to create a treatment plan perfectly outfitted for you. Regardless of where you are at in terms of your readiness to change, we meet you where you are and help you move forward.

Reaching your goals takes teamwork. Rather than judging you or telling you what to do, we treat you as the equal that you are. We may be experts in nutrition, but you are the expert in your life, so formulating a winning strategy requires pooling our knowledge and yours. This equality and respect is expressed not just through our counseling styles but also in the roundtable format of our offices, including patient chairs that are just as comfy as our own.

Teamwork also means collaborating with the rest of your treatment team, including your primary care doctor and any specialists you may have, such as a therapist. We make sure your team is kept up to date regarding your nutrition care and always welcome their comments, questions, and concerns.


De-emphasis on Weight

A desire to lose weight is one of the most common drivers that brings people to our practice. Oftentimes, these folks have tried numerous approaches already and are sick of seeing their weight temporarily drop only to inevitably rebound. Fed up with failing diets and being at war with food and their bodies, they come to Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC because we offer the antithesis. By taking the focus off of weight and rules, we can form a new and more peaceful relationship with food based on satisfaction, flexibility, and health.

Research shows that while numerous approaches can create short-term weight loss, nobody knows how to produce long-term weight loss for more than a tiny fraction of the people who attempt to achieve it. Approximately 95% of people who attempt to lose weight will regain it one to five years down the road, and roughly 60% of these individuals will end up heavier than they were at baseline. Weight regain is common even if someone maintains the behaviors that promoted the weight loss in the first place.

Contrary to popular myth, our weight is largely out of our hands. The calories-in-versus-calories-out paradigm is a gross oversimplification of the complexities affecting weight regulation. While we might be able to manipulate our body size through behavior changes for a short while, biological mechanisms promoting weight regain almost always win out in the end.

The good news is that weight and health are not nearly as synonymous as we have been led to believe. Studies have shown that weight loss does not automatically lead to better health, and other research that controlled for behaviors found that health risks between groups of people of different body weights were nearly identical when engaging in similar behaviors.

For all of these reasons, while we empathize with a desire to lose weight, we put weight on the back burner and focus instead on behaviors and health. As a result of behavior changes, weight loss may occur, but then again it might not. Therefore, part of establishing a healthy lifestyle means learning to sever any link you may have between weight and self-worth and to love and accept yourself the way you are right now, not X pounds from now.


You Are Our Number-One Priority

When we formed Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC, we resolved to make quality of patient care and professional ethics the foundations of our practice. Our top priority is providing you with the highest quality nutrition counseling experience possible. The trust you put in us to help you with your health is an honor, and we respect and reinforce that trust by providing you with accurate, up-to-date information and conducting our practice with the high level of integrity that you and your health deserve.